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In India and other developing countries, most farmers follow agriculture in a traditional way with limited necessary inputs which becomes demanding to create a model which can produce higher quality yield.

To meet the market demands, farmers are challenged to supply higher quality and quantity of the crops while saving costs involved. The farmer who is loaded with the traditional model is hard pressed for finance, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and farm equipment.  Contract Farming companies have unshackled the farmers to boost the efficiency to higher levels by initiating farming innovations.  Companies are plying hard to steer away the farmer to practice organised farming.  The companies bridge the gap by providing the necessary inputs to the farmer who is now required to focus mainly on maintenance of the crop cycle. 

However, Contract Farming companies & Food Processing Units (FPU), at the end of the Farm Extension activity, require information in Real-Time to optimize production, to ensure the highest quality of product with the least amount of rejections.  Unless the contracted farmer is monitored on usage of appropriate fertilizers, pesticides the desired yield is away from requirement. 

Gathering of information from the fields has been a major challenge to the contract farming and food processing units and untimely digitization leads to misuse of input materials or crop purchases by the field staff or middlemen and sometimes by the farmer himself.

Most of the data are difficult to capture due to the wide spread areas and non-availability of data connectivity.  To add to the despair, the farmer is ignorant of the latest in technologies. 

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